Thursday, February 1, 2024

This month over 104 minutes of "Village Videos",

from United States, Italy, Canada, Germany,

France, Australia, Netherlands, and more.


This month's videos are listed in a random order. They have been broken into groups, just to make it easier for you to keep track of what you've watched. We suggest viewing them in full screen, in the highest resolution your device  allows, and with the volume up a bit. This will ensure the best opportunity for you to experience the villager's artistic and creative efforts.  So . . . get your favorite snacks and beverage, settle back, and enjoy  a great opportunity for "Inspiration, Information & Fun"  . . . and don't forget to tell your friends.


OK, Let's Get Started !!! 


Giuseppe Solli

"Villaggio Lemax 2023"

Date: 2023     Time: 3:37

Location: Italy




Zita Mucsi

"Christmas Village 2023 of Zita Mucsi"

Date: 2024     Time 4:18

Location: Italy




Aniko Dombi

"North Pole Village 2023

Lemax and Department 56"

Date: 2023     Time: 13:30

Location: United States




Auntie Ray

"Christmas Village 2023 -

Dept 56 and Lemax Collection"

Date: 2023     Time: 7:49

Location: Unknown


OK, I've refilled my popcorn.

Let's see another batch!

Cheby Kali Girl

"Christmas Village - Lemax - 3rd Year"

Date: 2023     Time: 4:43

Location: California, USA




Artistic Dad

"Unlocking the Magic: My Best

Christmas Village Revealed"

Date: 2023     Time: 2:54

Location: Alberta, Canada




Dawn Aiello Photography

"Aiello Christmas Village 2023"

Date: 2023     Time: 2:25

Location: Florida, USA




Eric Clement

"Ester Christmas Village 2023


Date: 2023     Time: 1:14

Location: Texas, USA


Santa never misses the new

"Village Videos"


JM White

"Notre Village de Noel 2015/2016, Lemax,

Luville, MyMerry Christmas Village"

Date: 2016     Time: 9:32

Location: France




Ken KanFix

"Christmas Village 2022 Lemax

and Walmart Structures with

Tamiya 69936 Gondola"

Date: 2022     Time: 2:25

Location: Australia





"Madastiville It's a Dog's World 2023"

Date: 2023     Time: 2:46

Location: Florida, USA





"Lemax 2020 Christmas Village

Kerstdorp Weihnactsdorf"

(very low audio)

Date: 2023     Time: 5:01

Location: Netherlands


Family Fun Night is always better with

"Village Videos"

Doc Drextune

"Christmas Village 2023"

Date: 2024     Time: 4:07

Location: Illinois, USA





"We Made a Christmas Village

from Trash"

Date: 2023     Time: 4:53

Location: United States




Simona Ziani

"Christmas Village 2023"

Date: 2023     Time: 2:59

Location: Italy




Paul Graziani

"Christmas Village 2023"

Date: 2024     Time: 18:43

Location: Unknown


Madeline Pappas

"Lemax Christmas Village 2023"

Date: 2023     Time: 10:52

Location: Unknown




Olaf's Haarstudio

"Christmas Village 2023"

Date: 2023     Time: 2:25

Location: Germany


Break Time

Head for the Snack Bar, stock up, and

then watch the "Village Videos" again.

Repeat as necessary.