Thursday, May 9, 2024

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Wow! There's been so much that has happened. For our community to grow so large with only word-of-mouth for advertising has been mind blowing. Over 300,000 Villagers from over 200 countries.  And so many new friends that keep this endeavor so much fun. There's a special joy to have so many help along the way . . . with columns, videos, photos, ideas, comments and general support. We are extremely appreciative and grateful. Thank you all so much!

Bill & Kathy

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Over 100 Cartoons, Jokes, Puzzles, Games and More!

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Some of the Changes, Just Since

Wednesday, May 1, 2024

"VillageFest II"

(New Dates Announced)

"The ClubHouse"

(Updated Some Newsletters)

"Just So You Know"

(New Column Added)

"Our Community"


"Village Photos"

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"Fun Stuff"

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VillageFest 2:

the "Second Villaging" will be in 2025.

It will start on "Global Christmas Village Day"

(the second Saturday in November)  November 8, 2025.

Based on the current workload and plans for TVC,

I couldn't devote enough time to do it justice

in a few months, so it's been rescheduled.

Thanks for your patience. See you there in '25.

Rock On, Cool Kitty

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