March 29, 2022


Once upon a time . . .

. . . before the omni-presence of the internet, the invention of tv,

or even the flooding of airwaves with radio, news was NOT instant.

(Shock, Horror, Disbelief) As a result, the level of excitement caused

by the arrival of the "Coach"was unmatched. Imagine a major event

happening in your quiet, little hamlet. The coachman's trumpet would

bellow the clarion call as it approached. Work would stop. Children and

dogs would chase and scream, as if it was the ice cream man,


Carrying passengers from exotic locations, or neighboring villages,

along with mail and newspapers, the anticipated, latest old-news

had arrived! Dominating conversations at the village fountain was,

"Guess what 'The Coach' had this week." As a salute to this great

tradition, we present our version (cue the fanfare) and shout . . .

"The Epping Coach is Here"

Who knows who or what it will bring, and . . .

of course . . . don't forget to tell your friends!


Well, let's start with two feet of snow.


It's been an "interesting" winter,

but at least Mickey enjoyed it.


Finally, at last, we decided enough was enough.


Unfortunately, we don't have spring in New Hampshire.

We go from winter to mud season.


Followed by "black fly" season


then mosquito season


tourist season . . . then


and tourist season now . . . 


And then . . . the famous, "Motorcycle Week"


Sometimes it seems like a LOT of traffic


especially during foliage season,


Then, it's right back to winter.

Here's my favorite view in New Hampshire, looking

down Main Street in North Conway at Mt. Washington.


BUT, locals can always find a time and place to be inspired!

Yes, I've highlighted other areas, countries and regions. But,

now it's time to show where the "TVC World Headquarters"

is located in this large "villaging" world. Currently, there are

1533 New Hampshire villagers, the most of  any state.

(Minnesota follows a strong second at 1267.)

Thank you all, seems word of mouth works. OK, April's

here now and they say it's Spring.   Hmmm . . .  not a bad

mud season this year. We should be able to get out soon . . .

Oh well, at least now I'll have time to finally take

down our Christmas Tree. Almost made Easter this

year. Darn, gonna miss those lights.



Click on the "Snow Globe" for a little "Look Back"



Here's another print I like. Hope you like it also.

I'll build a summer village based on this.

(Well, in my mind anyway)



We have Gnomes living here.

Most villages have them. You just have to look closely for the

signs. By the way, the name "Gnome" comes from the early

18th century, but is obscure until the early 19th century, when

it was taken up by authors of collections of fairy tales, and

became mostly synonymous with the older word "goblin".

A 1670 French satire describes gnomes as such:

"The Earth is filled almost to the center with Gnomes or Pharyes, a people

of small stature, the guardians of treasures, of mines, and of precious stones.

They are ingenious, friends of men, and easie (sic) to be commandded (sic).

They furnish the children of the Sages with as much money, as they have

need of; and never ask any other reward of their services, than

the glory of being commanded."



So, you must look for the clues. They live under

mushrooms and toadstools. It's a happy life.



Look for the path, protecting them from the rain . . . 



Kathy found ours here, alongside the TVC driveway,

all the way to our house. We've had good luck ever

since. Of course we have, you're reading this, aren't

you? See, it's just getting better & better here.

Thank you, Gnomes, you are welcome here.



and . . . here they are:



It's neat having your own Gnomes. Can you find yours?


Happy Spring!



Sometimes it's just NOT your day.

Anyone find an easier way to go fishing?



Department 56 recently released a new video about how

their awesome buildings are made. Check it out HERE.

I love that they agree "ya gotta have a story".


The example of Tom Bates working on the "Rooster Inn"

reminded me of their 1993 VHS video version of making the

Pied Bull Inn, "The Making of a Village Tradition" #98523.

One more flash memory from:

That popular video was the reason I just had to have

that inn. Seems I'll have to look long and hard at "Rooster".


 Fun days from the "Golden Age of Villaging".






Well, there's time to correct that flaw in your villaging endeavors.

The "Run for the Hall" has started with the March release of our

"Village Video" selections. The Apriselections will hit the airwaves

April 15th. That's another awesome group ready to inspire you.

Follow along monthly, and you'll be ahead of the game when time

comes to vote for the 2022 "TVC Village Video Hall of Fame"!


Here's another neat look at part of a village with a story.

Thanks to Jay Haack for sending it in. Jay is known on

YouTube as "Soaring Hawk EO" and has had multiple videos

in the "TVC Village Video Hall of Fame". You can also see

another photo of his on the "Village Photos" page,  HERE!



Click on the "Igloo" and go directly to "The ClubHouse"


If you're not looking to join a club right now, I invite

you to visit "The ClubHouse" anyway. Most of the clubs

there have newsletters that are full of neat stuff. Just

click and read them. Membership not required. All Free! 


Here's an example:

The Annapolis Villagers in Maryland have an awesome

newsletter, "The Village Crier" edited by Bob Eustice.

The current issue (March 2022) had this handy chart.

Thanks Bob, for sharing.


Click on the above ClubHouse Logo to experience

enhanced villaging. We are not alone.


Futuristic was in, traditional was a thing of the past.

Well, we got to the moon, but it seems traditional semi-won.

Artificial is still in, but at least now it LOOKS traditional.






Now it's time for the special

TVC Secret Decoder Ring.

Click on the ring for our seventh secret message.




And by the way . . . 

if you are cleaning out attics, or estates, and

come across ANY old village publications, books,

magazines or building collections, please - don't

throw them away. Consider donating them to a

good home, here at The Village Collector


Ahh, the P.S. at the end of a letter. An after thought, a few

random items to leave a smile on your face, or an idea to

ruminate on, or whatever I can find that seems fun. Ready?


















. . . and for the Grande Finale . . .






just another example of: