August 24, 2022


Once upon a time . . .

. . . before the omni-presence of the internet, the invention of tv,

or even the flooding of airwaves with radio, news was NOT instant.

(Shock, Horror, Disbelief) As a result, the level of excitement caused

by the arrival of the "Coach"was unmatched. Imagine a major event

happening in your quiet, little hamlet. The coachman's trumpet would

bellow the clarion call as it approached. Work would stop. Children and

dogs would chase and scream, as if it was the ice cream man,


Carrying passengers from exotic locations, or neighboring villages,

along with mail and newspapers, the anticipated, latest old-news

had arrived! Dominating conversations at the village fountain was,

"Guess what 'The Coach' had this week." As a salute to this great

tradition, we present our version (cue the fanfare) and shout . . .

"The Epping Coach is Here"

Who knows who or what it will bring, and . . .

of course . . . don't forget to tell your friends!



Ahh, it's another "ber season" in the air. There was a time

it was called by a variety of things, mostly "holiday season"

or, heaven forbid, we had to specify "Halloween Season", then

debate when that ended and Thanksgiving Season would start,

followed by "Shopping Season" and then Christmas/New Years.

But ever since I started frequenting the

website, I've learned a lot about the "bers". They have a whole

thread devoted to it in their forum. They can also

be found on our "Forums & Links" page.


It now becomes the all encompassing "Village Season" -

planning for this year's display gets started, boxes start

appearing from their special hiding places, stuffed with

things you forgot you had, and deadline promises, for

THIS year, are made (that you know will never be met).


But, yes, the excitement starts to build, imperceptible at

first, and slowly it starts creeping into more and more of

your daily conversations. Then, it comes flooding over you

all at once, Christmas music is on the radio, stores are

decorated, TV advertisements feature Santa, sales have

started, and you finally realize,  "WHAT?? THERE'S




Well, this is also when a LOT of new people find

The Village Collectorthings kick into overdrive,

and the fun gets to start all over again . . .

Happy "bers" everyone.

I love this time of year!!!

(mic drop)



Click on the "Snow Globe" for a little "Look Back"



Here's another print I like. Hope you like it also.

I think I'll build a village display based on this.

(Well, in my mind anyway)



Sometimes a train layout is small . . . 

Sometimes, it's detailed . . .

Sometimes, it's HUGE . . .


And, sometimes . . . it's just FUN!

Click on the photo below to see a

layout that's an amazing size.


OK, ya caught me. I'm repeating this from the last time,

but I just can't stop laughing at it.

Sometimes it's just NOT your day.

Anyone find an easier way to go fishing?



Lemax has had a productive year, and the new releases this

year really show it. Their website is a true time-black-hole.

Once you enter it, time will disappear (with so much to see)

and when you finally move on to something else, a common

response is "Wow, look at the time, I'm late". Feel adventurous?

Click on the "Skull" above to see for yourself . . .



Of course Department 56 has continued their Halloween

offerings as well. Click on the picture above to survey

their awesome 2022 selections.



Please remember to . . . 

"Tell Your Friends about The Village Collector"


You'll be a hero and they'll thank you for it.

You DO want to be a hero, don't you?



Want to see some INCREDIBLE nature photos that

have absolutely nothing to do with villaging? Well how

about using the fact that August 19 was the "International

Photography Day" as an excuse to use one of my favorite

graphics, and share some pictures I really like?

Well, whatever works! Sit down, buckle up, adjust your

goggles, and let's go . . . Click on the above adventure

seeker for some photos that will make you say "WOW" !!



One of the vendors on our "Forums & Links" page is a

company called "Bar Mills" and they also offer some really

neat instructional videos on their website. Click on the

Cameraman below to check it out.


They recently emailed us a sample project by Jack Ellis,

that was really cool. Click on the picture of the finished

building below to find out more about it.

Thanks guys, this is awesome.

We'll look forward to seeing more.



Click on the "Igloo" below, and go directly to

"The ClubHouse"

Even if you're not looking to join a club right now, I invite

you to visit "The ClubHouse" anyway. Most of the clubs

there have newsletters that are full of neat stuff. Just

click and read them. Membership not required. All Free! 



While I'm working on TVC, I usually have my Pandora station

blaring in the background. ("Bill's Music") Catchy name, eh?

Anyway, I have a theme song in my head for most pages on

the site. One of my favorite groups is "ELO" (OK, so I'm old)

Every time I hear my favorite song of theirs, I think it could

have been written expressly for THE party that's coming to

top all other parties  . . .  "VillageFest".

Click on the above "Concert Photo" of them to hear,

and see, the lyrics for my idea of the

"VillageFest Theme Song"

(at least that's how it plays in my mind)


C'mon, crank it up, and you too can

"live on the edge" . . . you wild n' crazy villager you.

I dare ya,  . . .  I "Triple Dog Dare You"

Yes, we "rock it" here at World Headquarters.

(of course, our definition of that phrase has

changed over the last 40 or 50 years)



Speaking of theme songs, New Hampshire, like

most places, has an official theme song. Yes, the

place where the "TVC World Headquarters" calls home,

has a theme song. It was written many years ago by

New Hampshire's favorite sons, Rick & Ron Shaw.

In the days before 24 hour television, (yes, there was a

time without even cable, let alone streaming) NH's one

major TV station would sign off with The Shaw Brothers'

song "New Hampshire Naturally" with video clips of the

state that they edited to it. We'd watch it many nights,

just before the "test pattern" would come on.  Such wild

excitement was hard to contain. Well, it WAS time to

go to bed. Yes kids, times were different.

Click on the chair for a chuckle.


As many of you know, I like to brag about our home

state, and joke about it too. So . . . to show all of you,

from around the world, what my little corner of it is like,

CLICK on the above photo of the late, great Shaw Brothers,

to see a more recent video version of their great song.

Want more? Click HERE to see the Shaw Brothers site.


Then, if you click on the above state map, you'll see

the NH's Division of Travel & Tourism's new promo.

(It is a great place to live)  See

for more information.


Finally, click on the above album cover of another famous

New Hampshirite, Tom Rush, for a little New Hampshire

humor. Sit back with another cup of your favorite

beverage, and take a little trip with me.



Things that make you go . . . 




Now it's time for the special

TVC Secret Decoder Ring.

Click on the ring for our eighth secret message.


And by the way . . . 

if you are cleaning out attics, or estates, and

come across ANY old village publications, books,

magazines or building collections, please - don't

throw them away. Consider donating them to a

good home, here at The Village Collector


Ahh, the P.S. at the end of a letter. An after thought, a few

random items to leave a smile on your face, or an idea to

ruminate on, or whatever I can find that seems fun. Ready?


OK, it's too late

to think about looking good for the beach, but

perhaps there's time to look good for the holidays . . .

















. . . and for the Grande Finale . . .









just another example of: