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        November 30, 2020



WintersElf: (from our Forum) "WOW! What amazing website and village

pieces ... makes me want to do lots more. It looks great and thanks

for using my picture due to my Mom being ill. I'm gonna cherish our

village pieces and wish we would have started this years ago."


Phil Adkins: Loving the site and weekly updates.

I'm afraid it's changing from a hobby to an obsession!"


Miki Design:  Thank you so much ... when I shared my video, the

purpose was to share a story and a dream leaving the watcher

travel in a magical world and forget the rest watching. That is

exactly what I feel when I watch such videos. Thanks again."


Sam Portelli:  Thank you for sharing my Christmas village

on your website. Much appreciated."


Tom Jenssen: It's an honor to be featured on your website. Merry Christmas."


Lefty Crafty:  "Awesome site . . .  I shared it on my social media. God bless."


David Spears: "Congrats to Bill & Kathy on reaching

100,000 visitors on The Village Collector. I'm sure it

took a lot of work on the part of one, and much patience

on the part of the other. "Hi" to Mickey as well."


lostintimeNL:  "That is so Nice. Thumbs up."


deborah zordan:  "I (heart) this site"


Phil Adkins: "We are Lemax Villagers here in Northampton, England

and would like to see other villages for inspiration and appreciation."


Phil Adkins: "I have just found this site, and I can't wait to explore

it all!  Already I'm 20 minutes late for going to work as I can't

put it down!  Our Christmas village is just completed!"


Linda B:  "I love all the info on this website.

The picture of your driveway is really pretty, and the

cartoons brightened my morning. Thanks so much."


David Spears: "The new logo/pin looks a lot better. Thanks!"


Art the Bookworm:  "I'm a big fan of Christmas villages.

I love your website - the villages are beautiful."


BECZEL: "My family loves this hobby so much. My husband

and my six children all help in setting up our village."


Andy G. Matula: "Hello Bill, Mabuhay from the Philippines!

I love your website. It is absolutely awesome."


Diamond on Demand Films: "It is a joy to know that many

other people appreciate this art and . . . hope others

can be inspired to create a village of their own."


Villaggi di Natale: "The site makes me very happy.

It's full of information and great advice."


Andrea: "Your website has a lot of useful information and

wonderful pics and videos . . . congrats for your great job."


My Wonderful Crafty Life:  "It's a wonderful website!!! I loved

the villages!!!! Made me want to make mine bigger this year!!"


North Pole Christmas Shop: "I enjoy your site. Lot of

wonderful villages and information."


Valerie Faria: "I am delighted to share my passion

with you. Thank you for your interest."


Pogon Lwow:  "Hi! Your first flag from Kazakhstan

for your awesome website."


Jeff Westover: ( "I greatly enjoy your site.

I love the homey feel and the personal tone of it."


Linda Biello: "I LOVE this website! I have so many new ideas after

seeing how creative some people are. It really puts me in the holiday

spirit. Every year I tell myself my village will be up and finished

by Thanksgiving, but it never happens until after.

Perhaps this will be the year!!"


John L: "Thank you very much for your comment, we appreciate

very much that you help us so that our Christmas village has

been more seen in www.TheVillageCollec­ and that

everyone can enjoy the work done.

Congratulations on your great work. Thank you."


Michele Thomas: "My youngest son and I were just

checking out your website!!!! It's great!!!!!!

We will check back and share!!!!"


Steve Flaunty: "Greetings from New Zealand.

All the best for the new year."


David Spears: "Interesting villages . . . Saw a lot of 'new to me'

stuff. Plan to go back and take a few more notes."


Sharon: " . . . your site is quite entertaining (full disclosure, have

only visited a few pages so far) and spreads joy. Great job!"


Ted K: ". . . like your website and appreciate the work you do."


Ponytramp: ( "I'm glad you

joined MMC and told us about your website. I've been looking at it

and I LOVE it!! I am looking forward to exploring it more . . .

Keep up the good work!"


Todd Whittier: "Thank you! . . . I checked out your page -

very cool. I love watching Christmas Village videos -

Lots of talented people out there!"


Greg and Rose Cummings: "Thank you for creating a space for those

who have a passion for village creations and collections."


Wicklines: "This is such a beautiful website. Thank you for featuring our

song on your website! . . . this is so cool and truly a blessing!"


Phil Renninger: "Came across your site via a Facebook post.

I have been a Dept 56 collector for over 30 years."


Christmas Village World: "Thank you very much . . .

We knew your site, really rich in content."


Rowee Meh:  "Wow! I check that out! . . .  so awesome!"


Barb Potje: "I just wanted to say that I am enjoying your site very

much . . . It has been a pleasure to browse your site and I have

enjoyed your video links immensely."


Julie Brassington: " I just love your web-page . . . wonderful

information. As a long time collector I have been searching

for a page like this. Wonderful to know I am not the only one

obsessed with lovely Christmas villages!"


Greg and Rose Cummings: "We will DEFINITELY visit your site 

throughout the rest of the year and beyond! With all that's

been going on in 2020, your site can be a

much-needed beacon of happiness!"


Jerry Lachance: "WOW I was not aware that there was such a website.

I will become a regular. Thank you."


WinterPep: "Keep up the good work with your

The Village Collector website."


Curt Wiegand:  "Just found your site. Very nice . . . Thanks!"


Barb Potje:  "I am enjoying the site and have gotten some great ideas from

your chosen videos/photos . . . it's almost impossible to find good sites anymore."


Frances Deffenbaugh:  "I was so pleased when David Spears told me about

your site . . . I will tell my friends to also check in. Thanks so much!!"


Sue Smith:  "Your site is a real treat! . . .  Wow! This is amazing - awesome

and a long list of superlatives! Can hardly wait to send the link

on to other friends and collectors."


Velva Heck:  "Thank you for doing this site. Little houses have been a love of mine

since childhood when I made cardboard to put under our Christmas tree."