We firmly believe that villaging is more fun when shared with

friends, and joining a club is a great way to experience it all.


These are the awesome Collectors' Clubs that are part of our

community so far, and as a salute to these clubs, we created

a "ClubHouse Edition" of "TVC-The Game"Just replace these

three provided club pages for the regular game pages HERE.

Clubs can include it in their newsletters, or just link to this

page. Use it how you like - it's FREEWhile there might be

future editions or items, this Inaugural ClubHouse Edition

Series is complete with our current fifteen clubs. Use

your favorite, or collect all fifteen, along with our

"Master" version. So, to all our ClubHouse Clubs -

Have Fun!    Here's to You!


If you are not currently in a club, check out "The ClubHouse"

and consider joining one. You'll be glad you did.















#1 - Cover Page




















#2 - The Story/Part 3






















#3 - The Middle Page of the Gameboard




















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