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Ukraine is currently #23 on our list of most visitors,

and their last new visitor was on April 24th.

To all our community, if you are so inclined, we ask

a moment of reflection for our fellow villagers.





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The third group of this year's selected Village Videos

has been posted. Totaling over 115 minutes, they

range from 0:52 to 15:00, and are all eligible for the

2022 TVC Village Video Hall of Fame.

These seventeen examples of creativity and passion are

truly an international representation of villaging world-wide,

with seven from the United States (including Georgia,

California, New Jersey, Wisconsin, New York & Colorado)

and ten from outside the U.S. (including New Zealand,

United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy & Netherlands). Pop some

corn, grab your favorite beverage, and experience these

examples of "Inspiration, Information & Fun" . . .

All Free on TVC.


Most Likely you know that here at TVC, we celebrate

villaging passion. One of our more active community

members in Italy, is Peppe Apuleo. He has a video

featured in "Village Videos", one of his photos is

"Photo of the Month" in "Village Photos" and he helps

a lot with our tag line of "Inspiration, Information Fun".

Well . . . he inspired me !!! Peppe sent in a bunch of great

photos that just had to be shared. So . . . we now have a

new page called "My Village". It's an awesome, easy way

to share your village. We already have three (now 4) more

villagers added to it, and hope you'll ​be next. Check it out

by clicking on the Globe above. It's easy & free,

and . . . don't forget to tell your friends !!! 


A new survey here at TVC.

One question every week.

Click on the above graphic.

It's quick, easy, multiple choice, takes less

than a minute, and the results will be

posted when the next question is posted.



Here's What's Happening in May

                                 1    May Day

                                 1    May "Fun Stuff" Posted

                                 3    National Teacher Appreciation Day

                                 5    Cinco de Mayo

                                 8    Mothers' Day

                                 8    VE Day

                                14   International Train Day

                                15   May "Village Videos" Posted

                                20   TVC 5th Anniversary

                                20   International Pizza Party Day

                                21   NCC Virtual Gathering

                                23   Victoria Day (Canada)

                                25   National Wine Day

                                26   International Paper Airplane Day

                                30   Memorial Day

Some of the Changes, Just Since

Sunday, May 1, 2022

"The Question"

(All New Page)


"My Village"

(More New Additions)

(All New Page)


"Village Videos"

(All New Page)


"The ClubHouse"

(Disbanded Club Deleted)

(New Club Added)

(New Dutch Newsletter added)

(New RVC Newsletter)


"Just So You Know"

(New Column Added)


"Show Your Village"

(New Column Added)


"Forums & Links"

(New Vendor & Updated Items)


"Fun Stuff"

(All New Page)


"The InBox"

(New Comments Added)


"Village Photos"

(New Photo of the Month)



(Updated Statistics)



. . . and a good time was had by all.


Of course . . . we celebrated with pizza !


Just another "Pizza Friday" for David ?     :)





As of 3:16 pm, ET, Monday, May 16, 2022

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