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The Village Collectors'

2021 Virtual Advent Calendar

now has it's own page

the countdown starts Wednesday, December 1st



Village Videos & Hall of Fame

Schedule Change Update


November Videos: Mon. Nov. 15th to Tues. Nov. 30th

December Videos: Wed. Dec. 1st to Thurs. Dec. 16th

2021 Hall of Fame Nominees posted Sat. Dec. 18th


​Time to view the selections and get ready to vote.


HOF voting starts Monday, December 20th

HOF voting ends Sunday, January 9th


The Official Inductees to the 2021 Hall of Fame

will be posted Saturday, January 15th.

                                     Good luck to all.



2021 Village Video Hall of Fame

Nominees will be posted

on Saturday, December 18, 2021



"TVC - The Game"


And, like everything else on

The Village Collector, it's FREE.


If you like to laugh -

There are two places just for you! There's a large number of

cartoons at the end of the "Coach is Here" page, and the

"Just For Laughs" section of the "Fun Stuff" page. Plus,

they change regularly. Check 'em out - bet you'll smile.



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Some of the Changes, Just Since

Monday, November 15, 2021


"Just So You Know"

(New Column Added)


"Advent Calendar"

(New Page Started)


"2021 Hall of Fame"

(New Page Started)


"Show Your Village"

(New Column Added)


"The Creation Station"

(New Photos Added)


"Village Photos"

(New Photo Added)


"Phil & Sue's Village"

(New Episode Added)


"Village Videos"

(All New Videos)


"The ClubHouse"

(New QCV Newsletter)








As of 11:11 pm, ET, Wednesday, November 24, 2021

we have been visited  219,752 Times

by  142,919 Unique Villagers from

183  Countries.




Our 183rd country visited from.

Thank You - and please visit often.


A few (but not all) of our newest

Unique Visitors

since Monday, Nov. 1st. The times shown are not current.

They're just when I noticed them and captured the image.



"Inspiration, Information & Fun"

TVC's Three Christmas Gnomes.

What a coincidence their names match our tagline.

Who'd a-thunk it?


November 12, 2021, still finds us listed #1 (and

also #2 for the first time) when searching on google.

The Resident Evil franchise has dominated the field,

with tons of listings, but thanks to you, we are still

at the top of the list. Now that Christmas Season

is here, more villagers are making the first page.


The number one independent website for Villagers.

"It's not a business - it's a passion!"

Thank You, Thank You!





- an interesting statistic - at least to some -

our current top countries

(for number of Villagers who have visited us)

UPDATED: Wednesday, November 10th

Here's the top 15 of the 183 countries that have visited

so far. As villaging season picks up around the world, our

numbers have been picking up steam as more villagers

find us. In the top 15, Poland has passed Netherlands

for 7th place with 287 villagers vs 283.  It's fun to see

that villaging is a global passion, and so many visit here.


Thank You All, For Telling Your Friends !!!



A Few New Stats  -  We're havin' fun now.

These won't be posted very long.


Our Community


Unique Visitors (New) from the top 20 states.

You can see where the "Word of Mouth" is working well.


Here's the "Unique Visitor" activity in just the last 30 days.

(and we're just starting the holiday and Hall of Fame seasons)









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